What is Canada’s Pilot Immigration Program?

How to apply for Canada Pilot Program

The Canada Pilot program is a single-entry visa that allows eligible foreign nationals to make short visits to Canada. The Canada Pilot program aims to provide more opportunities for travelers from visa-required countries to visit Canada efficiently, conveniently and safely. It also allows citizens of visa-exempt countries easier access to Canada, as well as increase tourism revenue for the country.
You may be eligible to apply for the Canada’s Pilot program if you have been living in a designated region of the country, such as a rural or remote area, for at least 12 consecutive months. You must also intend to settle in an eligible area after your permanent residence is granted. Refer to our map below for more information about eligible regions.

The following programs allow foreign nationals who have had a successful application for permanent residence in Canada to become permanent residents without having to leave Canada:

Canada Experience Class (CEC)

You may be eligible if you have completed at least 1 year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada in the 3 years before you apply, or if you have completed a post-secondary degree or diploma from a recognized Canadian institution.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

You may be eligible for this program if you are a skilled worker or tradesperson who has been offered a job in Canada by an employer willing to sponsor your immigration application.

The Canada Pilot Program (CPP) is a program that allows foreign nationals to apply for an open work permit while they are in Canada on a visitor visa. The CPP provides a path to permanent residence for eligible foreign nationals who have at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada.


If you are interested in applying for the CPP, please contact us today. We can help you determine if you qualify and prepare your application with the highest quality representation possible.

The CPP offers many benefits to foreign workers:

Relief from the Temporary Foreign Worker Program’s (TFWP) restrictions. Foreign workers who have been granted an open work permit under the TFWP cannot change employers or work locations until their work permit expires or is cancelled. However, open work permits issued under the CPP allow foreign workers to change employers or work locations after six months. This means that if an employer terminates an employment contract before six months has passed; employees no longer need to wait for their next permit if they find another job within this time frame.

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