September 23, 2023

The Best 20 Coaching Short Courses in the United States for 2023

Integrative Health Coach Professional Training: This program offered by Duke Integrative Medicine focuses on integrative health coaching using a holistic approach.

Executive Leadership Coaching: Offered by the International Coach Federation this course is a blend of leadership skills and coaching skills.

Personal Transformation Coaching: This program by New Insights provides training to help individuals build their confidence and empower others.

Coaching Skills for Leaders: This course offered by Harvard Extension School teaches coaching skills to leaders in order to increase employee trust and engagement.

Career Coaching: This program offered by the Career Coach Institute provides training focused on helping individuals determine and achieve their professional goals.

Essential Coaching Skills: A course offered by UC Berkeley Extension that focuses on key coaching skills to help enhance business and relationship performance.

Holistic Life Coach Certification: This course offered by Radiant Health Coaching is designed for individuals seeking training to become life coaches using holistic principles.

Transformative Coach Training: This program from the Center for Right Relationship is designed for coaches with previous experience who want to develop transformative coaching skills.

Wellness Coaching: Offered by Wellcoaches, this program is focused on coaching for health and wellness professionals who are seeking to integrate coaching into their practices.

Coach Training Accelerator: This intensive training program offered by CoachU prepares individuals for coaching certification via the International Coach Federation.

Personal Coaching Skills: This course offered by Metropolitan State University equips participants with the knowledge and skills to become effective personal coaches.

Co-Active Coach Training: Offered by the Coaches Training Institute, this course provides comprehensive training for individuals looking to become a certified professional coach.


Coaching is a powerful tool, and these short courses provide an easy starting point for those looking to embrace the benefits of coaching. With many reputable programs available, individuals can choose which program would fit best with their personal and professional goals. We hope that this list has given you a great starting point on the best 20 coaching short courses in the United States for 2023, so you can start your coaching journey with confidence.