September 23, 2023

Steps to follow for a hassle-free passport renewal

Besides being an entryway to offshore travel and employment opportunities, your passport is also your safeguard against travel liberty intrusions. Such a key document needs to be legally binding for the entire duration of the trip to steer clear from trouble. Contrary to the popular sentiment, passport renewal is not that an intricate process. The US Department of State empowers you with an expedited service by mail, which is fast, convenient, and reliable. Additionally, the authority does not require you to be present in person provided the requirement is not urgent. You can consider hiring a registered courier service for added convenience.

Candidates for passport renewals by mail
The US Department of State has laid down elaborate criteria for passport renewal by mail. You are a more likely candidate for the service if the document does not carry significant damages and was issued when you were 16 years or above. Passports made within the past 15 years are eligible for the service. Additionally, the document needs to carry your current name, or else you need to furnish relevant documents to testify the name change.

Steps for passport renewal
Passport renewal is a straightforward process accomplishable in three simple steps. Let’s be specific about the nitty-gritty of each step for a better insight.

Fill in Passport Renewal Application Form DS-82
The passport renewal gets underway when you fill up the DS-82 application form. The form can be completed via online and offline modes alike. If you prefer offline mode, it is essential to download the form, take a hard copy, and write the desired information using black ink. You need to be clear with the writing, as illegibly presented information can result in printing errors, and rectifying them can be a cumbersome process. If you wish to keep such issues at bay, opt for completing the application form digitally. The process is convenient and prompt, and the only requirement is a stable internet connection. If the connection falters during the process, you need to download the passport application.

Keep supporting documents ready
Thankfully, not many supporting documents are required for a passport renewal. All you need to furnish is your existing passport, which will come back to you as an invalidated document. If your passport is in a severely disfigured state, you may need to appear in person. Additionally, submitting a recent 2x 2 passport-sized photograph is a requisite. In case, you had a name change in the recent past, sending in evidence documenting the act is essential. The document can be either a court order issued recently or a marriage or adoption certificate.

Package and mail
The ultimate step for passport renewal involves packing and mailing your form, renewal fee check, and other related documents to the regional National Passport Processing Center. Ensure that the check is written in the name of The Department of State and carries your personal information, including full name and DOB, on the front side. For safety reasons, prefer using Tyvek envelopes with additional protective packing.