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Planet Fitness is a low-budget gym that focuses on providing a “Judgement Free Zone” for its customers. It is a Canadian gym chain that is spread across more than 1400 clubs. This gym chain offers the lowest membership fee of $10 among the other fastest-growing gym chains.

About Planet Fitness

This low-budget gym was introduced in the year of 1992. Michael and Marc Grondahl started a gym in Dover, New Hampshire where they were struggling to keep the gym financially strong. As to compete with already-known gym brands, they reduced the gym membership to its lowest. They later decided to change the attitude and the environment of their gym. With this low-cost model, they called for newcomers and the average people who are interested in a bit of cardio, weightlifting, and bodybuilding (beginner-level strength exercises).

Well, Planet Fitness (PF) is all about bare-bones amenities, free weights, and a judgment-free zone.

Planet Fitness Memberships

Planet Fitness offers you two types of membership programs. One can easily fit into your budget while the other will offer you additional benefits such as Black Card memberships. All the PF members will get the fundamental benefits of unlimited access to the Planet Fitness home club, free fitness training, free WiFi, and a free T-shirt, regardless of the membership you choose.

Planet Fitness No Commitment Membership

This No Commitment membership will cost you a $10 fee per month. The activation fee for this membership may cost you about $10 or $0 which varies from one PF location to another. Under this membership, you do not need to sign any contract. However, a contract can either be signed on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis. This duration also depends upon the various locations of the Planet Fitness club. But, if you are to sign up for a yearly contract then you must know that a cancellation fee comes with this contract.

What Time Does Planet Fitness Open -Close? Surprised!

Planet Fitness Black Card Membership

The Black Card membership will cost you a handsome amount of $21.99 per month. This membership strictly comes with a yearly contract. Under this Black Card membership, you will get all the benefits of the “No Commitment” membership along with a few additional perks.

These additional features include:

* Unlimited access to the guests who can be tagged along at any of the Planet Fitness clubs

* Unlimited use of tanning

* Unlimited access to Hydromassage therapy

* Unlimited access to house massage chairs for relaxing

* Availability of spray tanning

* Unlimited access to the total body enhancement

* Cooler drinks will be available at half of their prices

* Free haircuts

* You will also get 20% off while buying any of the Reebok products.

Amenities That Make Planet Fitness Stand Out From Its Rivals

The four major amenities which are available for all the members of Planet Fitness are workout machines, free weights, workout mats, and locker rooms.

Workout Machines: All the Planet Fitness clubs use Life Fitness workout machines which are considered one of the top brands among the fitness machine providers. The three most popular workout machines among PF members are elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and treadmills.

Free Weights: According to this provision, every PF club will have two machines per exercise. This feature is a blessing for those who don’t like to waste their time waiting for the availability of the workout machine.

Workout Mats: Generally, a portion of the gym is kept for bodyweight exercises. This is usually designed as an open area with mats available for the PF members. The members can use this open space to perform their personal workout routines and body weight exercises. But, yes, different PF clubs offer different perks to their registered members.

Locker Rooms: This is another mandatory feature for all PF clubs. All the members are entitled to use the PF locker rooms. Here, you will get a personal locker along with the facility to shower after your workout routine.

Other than the above-mentioned facilities, Black card member gets additional perks like hydromassage and tanning beds with house massage chairs to relax their bodies.

Planet Fitness Black Card Membership
Planet Fitness Black Card Membership

Planet Fitness Hours

The best part of this gym chain is that they are open 24 hours a day. Well, yes, this perk also varies from one PF club to another but in most of the locations, they try to keep their gyms open for 24 hours. This initiative is taken after looking at the tight schedules of their members. So, it doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, you can always hit the gym at your convenience.

Planet Fitness Locations

Planet Fitness clubs are spread over most of the countries and territories of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The statistics depict that Planet Fitness has already acquired around 10 million members and is growing drastically with each passing year. Well, in the below tables, we have mentioned all the locations where you can easily find a Planet Fitness gym for you.

United States

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin


British Columbia Ontario Saskatchewan

Puerto Rico

All Clubs

Dominican Republic

All Clubs


All Clubs

Where To Find Planet Fitness Near Me?

To find a Planet Fitness gym near you, take a look at the link. Here, you just need to enter the city or the state where you want to find a club for yourself. You can also enter a zip code with the help of which you can locate a nearby PF club.

About Gyming Experience In Planet Fitness

There are three major issues with the gym. People overlook the fact that every person needs a different workout routine based on his/her lifestyle. The same fact goes for the gym you choose for yourself. It is not necessary that if your friend or relative found a particular gym suitable for him/her then it will be a good fit for you too.

Who Should Go For The Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is for those who like to work in a “Judgement Free Zone”. The objective of the PF franchise is to make people comfortable while they work out to keep themselves healthy. In such an environment, members won’t feel inferior to the fitness fanatics who like to work for longer hours and sometimes flaunt their chiseled bodies.

Many people who are hardcore lovers of fitness won’t opt for this gym. According to them, they would rather work out with professionals than with out-of-shape people. Even the free food facility (pizza and bagels once a month and free Tootsie Rolls at all times) of the gym is strictly criticized by fitness fanatics. Also, the gym is not designed for people who are dedicated to high-intensity workout routines.

In Brief: Planet Fitness

Before you sign up for any of the membership programs, you must know your needs from the gym. Do not choose Planet Fitness because it is a low-budget gym. Go for the PF membership only when you consider this gym to be capable of helping you to achieve your goal. This gym can be considered the best choice for you if you follow a tight schedule and it is not convenient for you to take out an hour during the regular timings of a gym. You must know that this gym usually provides a 24 hours a day service.

The other two things that you should be aware of are the cancellation policies and the membership contract itself. Always ask the gym authorities to provide you with a copy of the contract so that you can use it in the future if required in any case. Also, this gym is not designed for someone who is looking for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as no professional grunting is allowed for the sake of other people who might feel inferior because of you. In totality, this is the best choice for people who are getting into beginner-level workout routines.

How Is The Customer Service?

There is a big issue reported many times with the cancellation of the membership of the club. Customers have shared many experiences where they faced difficulties while canceling their memberships. They were asked to post a certified letter to the gym authorities where they have registered themselves. But, as far as the other reviews are taken into consideration, the policy of membership cancellation changes from one PF club to another.

What Do Other People (Who Are Not Fitness Fanatics) Think Of Planet Fitness?

Those who already know that Planet Fitness is not for hardcore lovers of fitness feel that this gym is really a good fit for those who want to maintain a low-budget workout routine. Anyone who has just started off with a healthy lifestyle can go ahead with this gym. But make sure that you read the contract carefully before signing up for any of the Planet Fitness memberships.

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