October 5, 2023

Important requirements for a new passport

Getting a new passport made will require you to produce evidence that helps you identify yourself as a US citizen. If you are applying for a new passport for the first time, there is a DS-11 form that you will need to fill and submit along with a copy of all the necessary documents. For renewing the old passport, the existing passport is used as the evidence.

If you are getting your passport made, you can prove your identity with any photo identification document or card. Driver’s license, military identification card, state identification card, any government employee identification, or any other document that is similar to these can be produced. You will have to carry your original documents along with their copies. The copies will be submitted to the passport officials.

Requirements for proving citizenship for a new passport
There are several documents you can use to prove your citizenship. You will need any one of the documents mentioned below.

  • Expired passport
  • Certification of birth that lists your name, date of birth and place of birth, names of your parents, and the date when it was filed.
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization

In case you do not possess the documents mentioned above, you can apply for a new passport by providing any two of the below mentioned documents according to the requirements.

  • The birth certificate that had been filed more than a year after your birth and signed by your parents of the birth attendant
  • Form DS-11, Birth affidavit, that’s been completed by a relative or an attending physician
  • Private or public documents that were created early in your life. These documents can be the public
  • Records that list the name, date, and place of birth which includes any of these- census record, baptism certificate, an early school record, doctor’s record of care, etc.

Along with these documents mentioned above, you will need to submit a passport size photo (which is 2×2 inches) that has to be recent and not more than 6 months old. There is a protocol you need to follow while you get your passport photo clicked. It is one of the important requirements for a new passport. Your facial expressions should be neutral, and your ears should be visible in the photo. Your head in the photo should be 1-3/8 inches from the chin to the top of your head. You can get your passport photo clicked at the passport acceptance center to get the accurate photo.

You need to be present at the passport acceptance facility for your passport. You can get an appointment with the facility before you go there for the same. You should also cross-check with all the requirements for a new passport before you go there so that you are completely prepared.