How to apply for student visa for Norway?

Top international Universities in Norway for International Studetns

Study in Norway! There are so many reasons why you should study in Norway. Aside from the low cost of living and good quality of life, learning a new language is a great idea. Learning Norwegian presents numerous challenges, but the boost to your employability afterward makes it worthwhile.

Before you travel:

Now, it is highly recommended that you apply for Norway student visa before coming to Norway as a student as this will ease a lot of hassles. But if you are already in Norway and would want to study here, it can be done but is quite a cumbersome task!!  It can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year (counting from the date of submission) depending on how lucky you are.

Why Norway is ideal destination for international students?

Norway is a country of great beauty and diversity. It’s a place of long, dark winters and short, light summers. It’s also a country with a strong economy and a well-educated workforce.

The government is keen to promote higher education in Norway, which means that there are plenty of scholarships available for international students.

Norway has been one of the fastest growing economies in Europe over the past few years, so it’s not surprising that Norway has been attracting foreign investment from all over the world. In fact, Norway has been one of the top destinations for foreign companies looking to establish themselves in Europe.

The quality of Norwegian education is high and costs are low compared to other European countries such as France or Germany. This makes Norway an attractive option for international students who want to study abroad while also saving money on living expenses.

The Norwegian government has established a number of incentives for international students to study in Norway.
In particular, the government wants to attract more foreign students to study in Norway and make it easier for them to stay in Norway after their studies.
In order to do this, the Norwegian government has introduced several incentive schemes that focus on attracting international students from non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries and making it easier for them to stay in Norway after they graduate.
The International Student Financial Aid Scheme (ISFS) provides financial support for incoming and outgoing exchange students, student assistants and research fellows. The scheme covers costs such as tuition fees, living expenses and travel expenses. ISFS also provides funding for language courses during your stay in Norway.
The International Graduate Scheme (IGS) offers grants aimed at highly educated persons who want to work in Norway after their studies. Grants are available for a maximum period of two years and are provided as part of the employment contract between you and your employer.

Best Universities in Norway for International Students:

Norway has a number of excellent colleges and universities.

The University of Oslo:  established in 1811, is Norway’s oldest university. It has around 29,000 students and offers more than 100 programs. The university also offers bachelor’s degrees in arts, humanities and social sciences, as well as master’s degrees in these fields. It also offers master’s degrees in business administration, law, psychology and political science.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU):

Was established in 1910 as the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH). The institute has grown into Norway’s largest university with more than 27,000 students from 130 countries. NTNU offers bachelor’s degrees in architecture, civil engineering and maritime engineering; engineering; natural sciences; economics; business administration; law; health sciences; humanities; social sciences; education; mathematics and computer science.


University of Bergen:

Was founded in 1946 as a private institution but became public after a few years. It has around 13,500 students and offers bachelor’s degrees in agriculture and natural resources management; arts; economics; mathematics; computer science; psychology; education; musicology and theater studies.

 Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration:

The Norwegian School of Economics (Norges Handelshøyskole) or NHH is a public business school located in Bergen, Norway. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with a focus on economics and business administration. It was established in 1936 as an independent institution but was later merged with Bergen’s other public university institutions which were at that time located in Bergen; The Royal Norwegian Naval Academy and The Norwegian Military Academy (Norges krigsskole). In 2001 it became part of Bergen University College and since January 1, 2015 has been part of BI Norwegian Business School

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