How Many Calories Does A 30-Minute Jog Burn? What To Pay Attention To When Practicing?

6 Benefits Of Jogging 30 Minutes A Day |Tips For Beginners To Practice Running

Many people wonder how many calories running 30 burns to be able to plan exercise and lose weight accordingly. However, estimating the calories burned in each training session is not easy. Because in addition to the time of exercise, the number of calories burned will also depend on many other factors. Running is an effective exercise for weight loss.

Let’s find out more specifically through the following article:

How Many Calories Does A 30-Minute Jog Burn?

It is estimated that running for 30 minutes a day will help burn about 180-500 calories, depending on physical activity, training time, and body weight of each person.

Detailed information will be described in the following statistics table:

Types of physical activity Calorie expenditure in a person weighing 56kg Calories consumed in a person weighing

Types of physical activity Calorie expenditure in a person weighing 56kg The calorie consumed by a person weighing 70kg Calorie expenditure in a person weighing 84kg
Cycling: 12-13.9 mph 240 288 336
Running: 5 mph (12 minutes/mile) 240 288 336
Cycling: BMX or mountain climbing 255 306 357
Durable running 255 316 377
Cycling: 14-15.9 mph 300 360 420
Jogging on a treadmill 180 216 252
Running: 6 mph (10 minutes/mile) 495 360 420
Cycling: 16-19 mph 360 432 534
Running: 7.5 mph (8 minutes/mile) 375 450 525
Moderate indoor cycling 210 252 294
Cycling: > 20 mph 495 594 693
Running: 10 mph (6 minutes/mile) 453 562 671
Walking / Jogging: jogging < 10 minutes. 180 216 252
Long walk 170 216 252
Walking: 4 mph (15 minutes/mile) 135 175 189
Walking: 3.5 mph (17 minutes/mile) 107 133 159

6 Benefits Of Jogging 30 Minutes A Day

Here are the benefits that the habit of jogging  brings:

How Many Calories Does A 30-Minute Jog Burn?

1. Burn Fat

For starters, jogging for about 30 minutes will help burn some type of fat during and after your workout. Because of the short running time, the body will use fat as its main source of energy, instead of using carbohydrates when increasing the intensity of exercise. The first 6 weeks of regular jogging is a golden time to burn fat.

For runners, after a period of about 6 weeks, when the body gets used to running and at this time, I should add running intervals that push the heart rate up in a short time. Besides, fat is also burned after the running process. At the end of an intense run, the body automatically goes into EPOC mode (ie excess oxygen consumption after running), this is when the body uses energy from fats and carbohydrates to recover and return to the pre-exercise state; EPOC lasts from about 15 minutes to 48 hours. Thus, only half an hour a day will help you burn fat accumulated over 2 days.

2. Emotion Improvement

This will cause the body to release a large amount of the hormone endorphin, creating a feeling of comfort after finishing jogging.

Therefore, regular jogging improves mental health, reduces stress, and restores energy.

You can choose short running exercises, and run for 1 month to feel the effects of running.

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3. Quick Energy Recovery

Jogging for about 30 minutes a day won’t burn you out. As a result, this form of exercise reduces the risk of injury. You just need to do the usual stretching measures after the run, the body will recover its energy effectively and can start training right after. For those who rarely run long distances, you can build a habit of running for minutes a day to maintain better health.

4. Improve Sleep Quality

Deep sleep is very important for recovery. Jogging for half an hour a day will help improve sleep. So, try to maintain the habit of jogging every day.

5. Improve Your Physique

Jogging for 30 minutes a day will help strengthen muscles, and support effective weight loss. This will help you stay in shape and increase your sense of confidence and positivity.

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6. Increase Lifespan

Running will help improve the quality of life for the better.

Jogging every day has the effect of increasing blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, supporting the balance of bad and good cholesterol, and improving memory and brain health, thereby helping to increase life expectancy.

Tips For Beginners To Practice Running

  • To make running a good habit or more enjoyable, Here are some tips when you first start running:
  • Remember to warm up before and after your run.
  • This will make your training easier and less prone to injury.
  • Maybe try listening to a piece of music to energize.
  • Do not forget to eat well before running, and eat nutritious foods to provide enough energy when jogging.
  • Maybe invite one or two friends to join you for a run.
  • Having a workout buddy makes running more fun and enjoyable.

With the above article,  Jogging for 30 minutes a day is a good exercise habit that does not consume too much energy. So, depending on your physical condition and health, make a plan to do it now.

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