October 5, 2023

ConnectWise Uses AWS X-Ray to Monitor and Debug Applications

In this digital era, having a smooth-running application is essential for most businesses to succeed. However, even the best applications can have problems at some point, which can result in lost customers, revenue, and a negative impact on your company's reputation. This is why monitoring and debugging your applications are essential to your business's success. The good news is that you don't have to use an inefficient manual method to monitor and debug applications. Thanks to AWS X-Ray, you can operate and monitor applications easily and efficiently, and in this blog post, we will discuss how ConnectWise uses AWS X-Ray to monitor and debug their applications.

What is AWS X-Ray?

AWS X-Ray is a diagnostic tool that enables developers to analyze and debug production and service requests. It offers an integrated console to enable service maps and traces that help to understand how services are performing and interacting together. With AWS X-Ray, developers can identify failures and performance issues, optimize the application structure, and improve end-user experiences.

How does ConnectWise use AWS X-Ray to monitor and debug their applications?

ConnectWise is a global leader in business management software for technology solution providers. The company has numerous applications that support its mission of providing its customers with the technology support they need. The ConnectWise team uses AWS X-Ray to monitor and debug applications, where their cloud infrastructure is running. They use the tools to analyze actual production request traces, get trace summaries for entire API trees or specific portions, and rapidly identify problems in the infrastructure's root cause problems.

ConnectWise also created a custom AWS Lambda function which enables them to trace every single JSON payload with application metadata. This function helps ConnectWise to gain valuable insights into how their API package is performing and to quickly find problematic areas. Since the company started using AWS X-Ray, they have been able to identify and fix issues faster, and this has enabled them to deliver great service's to their customers.

Benefits of using AWS X-Ray to monitor and debug applications.

AWS X-Ray offers significant benefits beyond superior service maps and traces capabilities for identifying problems. These include:

Increased efficiency and speed to identify and fix issues: AWS X-ray allows companies to identify problems quickly and accurately since it automatically builds a comprehensive map of the application's backend. It also speeds up the overall process of identifying issues.

Better visibility: AWS XRay helps companies gain deeper insights and visibility into the infrastructure and application's performance, which is favorable for making data-driven decisions.

Enhanced end-user experience: By monitoring the entire user journey, AWS X-Ray makes it easier for companies to identify and resolve issues that can impact user experiences better. This can help to reduce the potential churn rate and increase overall user satisfaction.

Challenges of Using AWS X-Ray:

One main challenge of using AWS X-Ray is its costs. AWS X-Ray is a premium service that can be expensive for companies, especially smaller ones. This can become a barrier when integrating the service into various applications.

Anoher challenge is the complexity of using AWS-Ray. Since it is a relatively new, companies need to invest time resources into learning how to use service effectively in order to from its features.

AWS X- can be a powerful tool for monitoring and debugging applications, but there are some challenges that businesses need to consider when integrating this service into their workflow. With the right approach however, companies can leverage AWS X-Ray to identify and resolve issues quickly, gain visibility into the performance of their applications, and ensure an optimal user experience. Ultimately, organizations should weigh both the benefits and challenges of using AWS X-Ray against other alternatives before making a decision on which solution will work best for them.


AWS X-Ray is an essential tool for companies looking to monitor and debug their applications efficiently. ConnectWise has shown how it can help to identify and fix issues rapidly, improve performance and user experiences. Although AWS X-Ray's cost may be a consideration, the benefits of using it still outweigh the challenges. ConnectWise's experience provides a blueprint on how companies can take advantage of this tool's capabilities to improve their applications' performance and user experience. So, if you're a business owner, it's time to jump on the AWS X-Ray train and keep your business running smoothly!