October 5, 2023

8 Tips to Grab Deals on Business Class Flight Tickets

With champagne, gourmet food, and roomy seats, business-class travel is an unmatched luxury. Also, with airlines cutting down on amenities, leg space, and the general ambiance of the coach cabin, everyone wishes to travel first or business class. However, it becomes incredibly cumbersome during long-haul or trans-Atlantic flights. But how great would it be to travel business class on international flights? So, here are some tips to help score those special business flight ticket deals.


Book your travels on non-busy days
Most business-class flyers fly the entire week, from Monday to Friday, and very few travel during the weekend. So, you won’t find many people flying in business suits on Sunday and Saturday mornings. So many of these premium seats may be available at relatively lower rates. The next time you want to travel comfortably, check for business class seats on flights that fly on weekends.

Always set price drop alerts
Who wouldn’t like to travel business class at low prices? So obviously, these seats are in high demand, and many people are looking out for them. To grab these seats quickly, you need to act fast. One of the most effective ways to find discounted business-class flights is to set up price drop alerts. This way, when the price drops, you will instantly receive notifications for the business seats you want, and then you can immediately book them.

Use easy up fares
This is a great technique to land affordable business-class flights. All you need to do is buy your tickets at upgradable coach fare or premium economy fare. Use these to enter a business class if you have miles or points. And so, instead of buying expensive tickets, buy them at lower rates and then upgrade. This way, you won’t burn your pocket, will save massively, and even fly comfortably.

Ask for an upgrade during check-in
You may not have the points or miles. But that shouldn’t stop you from requesting an upgrade to the premium business class. The trick here is to ask and pay for an upgrade during check-in. You can do this even when you are checking in online. In rare cases, seats are available; the airline might offer these at heavily slashed prices. Or you can also ask the attendant at the gate before boarding what is being charged for an upgrade at that time. You might likely get those seats for cheaper.

Sign up for loyalty programs
If you are looking for the top 5 business class flights, this tip will be helpful for you. Begin with enrolling in the loyalty programs of your preferred airlines, and it is especially practical if you frequently fly with these airlines. You will earn miles on every flight. Eventually, these will add up to score you enough points to get a free upgrade. However, most of these points have an expiration date. So make sure you plan your travel accordingly. Also, don’t forget to read the fine print and regular emails regarding loyalty programs that the airlines will send you.

Volunteer to deplane the flight if it is overbooked
Many airlines often sell more tickets than there are seats on the flight. Overbooking is generally done so all seats are full when the flight takes off. They do this because they usually expect a few passengers to not arrive. However, there will be instances when it is the opposite. In such cases when the flight has been oversold, the airline will ask for volunteers who wouldn’t mind being bumped off the flight. They offer rewards such as lounge access or Business class seats for the next available flight to your destination. Before you volunteer, make sure that you ask and confirm your rights and have it in writing, if possible.

Check out for sales
Many top airlines conduct sales on certain select flights throughout the year. For instance, you may be able to grab business class tickets at great prices during Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. So if you can hold off your travel plans until then, it’s a great way to score cheap Business Class flights. To keep track of the deals, sign up for newsletters or marketing mailers of some popular airlines. This way, you will immediately be notified when the sale hour begins.

Sign up for airline or elite travel credit cards
Most mid-tier credit cards do offer some rewards on flight tickets. However, elite travel cards are much preferred if you are looking for heavy discounts. In addition, there are co-branded credit cards, which are a collaboration between airlines and banks to offer rewards and benefits to frequent flyers. For instance, the Chase Sapphire Preferred or American Express Platinum, Delta SkyMiles American Express card, and United MileagePlus Card give great bonuses when you spend a specific amount using the cards. Remember to read the terms and conditions since these offers are valid only for limited periods.