October 5, 2023

6 popular truck dispatch software for efficiently managing your fleet

Owning a trucking business can be strenuous without the right trucking dispatch software to help you plan and optimize the routes. Moreover, the market is flooded with dispatch software companies, each claiming to possess the ability to lower your fleet’s costs and improve your productivity manifold. If your trucking company has quite a few of power units under it, it is imperative for you to choose the right trucking software dispatch for improving the performance of your company and to increase its profitability. The right trucking dispatch software enhances the visibility of your trucks and brings it to the notice of shippers and freight brokers.

The right trucking dispatch software performs a wide array of functions such as dispatching, billing, accounting, and imaging functions which promotes easy entry of customer and equipment details. Such trucking dispatch software aids broker carriers, company drivers, and the owners as well.

If you are looking for the best trucking dispatch for your company, here are the popular trucking dispatch software for you to choose from.

ProTransport Software
If you are looking for an all-encompassing trucking dispatch software, your search ends at ProTransport. It is a fleet management software that can be used for trucking fleets irrespective of their size. The prominent features of this software include dispatch, accounting, safety, reporting, driver communications, and GPS tracking. To ensure that you are in the loop with the activities of your fleet, it includes a live dispatch board, truck tracking with integrated GPS, scheduling, ETA alerts, embedded two-way text messaging.

ClearPathGPS Software
This trucking dispatch software is effective in managing small to midsize local fleets. It is a “no contract” service, i.e., it provides its seasonal users with the option to discontinue the service on any vehicle at any point in time. The features include live truck tracking GPS system, driver behavior monitoring, geofences, automatic fleet maintenance tracking, and virtual timecards. You can use this software even on your Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Axon Trucking Dispatch Software
Since 1982, Axon has been a major software provider for the trucking industry. The Axon trucking software’s real-time integration with other programs has allowed its clients to utilize the time which was otherwise wasted in getting the fleet in order; it has cut down the administrative time by 47%. The features of this trucking dispatch software include accounting, maintenance, dispatch, and IFTA reporting. Also, you can avail of a free demo to help you determine if this is the right truck dispatch software for your company.

TMW Systems
TMW Systems has been reigning the industry since 1983 and has more than 2,000 customers to their credit. It caters to all kinds of fleets, and customers can choose TMW’s transportation management software for fleet maintenance, dispatch, and accounting. This truck dispatch software is equipped with features that allow dispatching, accounting, fleet maintenance, bid management, and transportation management software.

Q7 by Frontline Software Technology
Here’s an all-inclusive trucking software disptach solution that is suitable for fleets of all sizes. In addition to the dispatch software, this trucking software solution also includes the trucking accounting software. Moreover, this trucking dispatch software is known to handle the trucking company’s logistics, the dispatch, and order management. Since this trucking dispatch software has been developed from the scratch, all its modules are similar in look and feel. You can even opt for its cloud-based version that is available for a monthly subscription fee.

ITS Dispatch
ITS Dispatch has been catering to small to mid-sized carriers, freight brokers, and owner-operators. It is a web-based software affiliate of the load board TruckStop.com that is quite popular. You can even link it with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online. The features of this software include dispatching, accounting, fleet maintenance, load bidding, and IFTA reporting. What makes this trucking dispatch software a hit among the users is that it allows the customers to replace the ITS Dispatch logo with their own, giving it a more proprietary appearance for their clients and employees.

When you choose the right truck dispatch software for your company, it has to perform its primary function: making your trucking company more productive and maximizing your profit. If the trucking dispatch software executes these functions appropriately, then you have chosen the right one.