September 23, 2023

6 Exotic Meat Meals That Pack Exceptional Health Benefits

Ever wondered what it would be like to diversify your food palate with some exotic meats? Well, even the most adventure-seeking eaters may have only gone beyond conventional or basic meats such as chicken and beef to try duck and goat. However, people who cannot get enough of several varieties of mouth-watering meats should know that there is so much more on offer these days. A growing number of restaurant and food chains are slowly venturing beyond traditional meats to incorporate non-traditional varieties into a slew of delicious meat meals. While you may have only seen deer, ostrich, and rabbit while visiting a zoo, they are now making their way onto the plates of several restaurants!

Fortunately, exotic meat meals are a fabulous option for the calorie counters, health-conscious people as well as adventurous eaters. These foods are loaded with nutrients such as proteins and pack a much lower fat content. At the same time, they taste as delicious as traditional meats such as pork and beef. Eating a broader range of meat meals is also beneficial for maintaining the ecological balance. While you may have never seen these exotic meats cooked in your kitchen, you must know that these meat meals hold tremendous benefits and are delicious too.

Quail: Quail, also known as Bobwhite meat, is commonly prepared in the same way as chicken and turkey. This meat meal provides you with the benefits of nutrients such as iron, zinc, and protein. A single serving of this meat meal can deliver high amounts of the essential nutrient, magnesium. While quail has a much stronger flavor than other types of poultry meat, one can hardly taste the difference if they prepare this meat with traditional sauces and spices.

Alligator: Alligator meat has a low-fat content, and it is abundant in protein too. However, one must pay close attention to the way that a chef prepares the alligator meat. Unhealthy preparations such as deep-fried alligator meat can wipe off all the benefits associated with this meat meal. Alligator meat is typically found in its frozen form in markets, however, in some regions, you can get your hands on fresh alligator meat as well.

Goat: There are numerous benefits of goat meat meals, and it also makes for a super-nutritional addition to your diet. Goats graze on grass, making them a sustainable meat source. As compared to chicken and pork, goat meat meals are low on calories and fat. When it comes to taste, this exotic meat is not as chewy as beef and offers the best flavor when cooked in the right combination of spices.

Venison: Venison meat is sourced from deer and is found to taste very similar to beef. However, this exotic meat meal comes with a higher number of benefits as it has fewer calories and lesser saturated fats. Thus, you do not load on as much cholesterol as you would with beef. Moreover, venison is found to be a good source of protein and iron that are essential nutrients for the human body.

Rabbit: Rabbit meat is an absolute favorite among adventurous eaters due to its mild flavor. This meat meal has a lot of health benefits because of its broad nutritional profile. The growing popularity of rabbit meat has led to its incorporation into cuisines around the world as it has also caught the attention of gourmet chefs. This meat provides plenty of protein, iron, and potassium in every serving.

Bison: Bison is a whole lot more nutritious than beef. This meat meal contains lower levels of saturated fats and a reduced calorie count. Moreover, it has a higher amount of omega-3 fats. Thus, this meat meal is a better alternative than beef, especially in traditional dishes. Also, you need not worry about the taste and texture, as beef and bison have similar profiles.