October 5, 2023

5 Top Used Car Retailers To Check Out

The general opinion of people is it is better to buy a used car instead of a brand new one from the showroom. It’s generally easier on your wallet, as you can sometimes get nearly new vehicles for a fraction of the price. So if you have been considering buying a new car, it is crucial to buy it from a trusted dealership. Here’s a list of the most popular used car lots near you.

Larry H. Miller Group of Cos
Larry and Gail Miller founded this company, and the main headquarters of Larry H. Miller Group of Cos is based in Sandy, UT. There are over 45 other car lots that are spread out in seven different states across the country. You can expect to see used cars from popular brands like Toyota, Jeep, and Luxus at this dealership and find one within your budget. So far, they have over 30,000 used cars in their lots and usually have a total of about 60,000 units to choose from in total when considering all their dealerships.

Hendrick Automotive Group
Rick Hendrick initially started this automotive group in Bennettsville, North Carolina after he purchased a struggling franchise in 1976. With this purchase, Hendrick became the youngest Chevrolet dealer in the United States at 26. It has now become one of the largest private automotive dealership groups in the United States. It currently owns about 93 automotive franchise locations across the country and has almost 100,000 automobile units for sale as of now.

Asbury Automotive Group
Asbury Automotive Group is another well-known automotive retailing company based in Duluth with over 96 different dealership franchises spread across 10 states in the country. So far, the total number of used car units available for sale in the company is approximately 55,000, whereas the total number of automobiles available is over 83,000. The company has also launched an online car buying service known as Greenlight that has become quite successful due to the existing reputation of Ashbury. Ashbury has also acquired important Automotive Groups of companies such as Terry Lee Honda and Bill Estes Auto Group.

CarMax Inc.
Based on the number of used cars currently available in the lot, CarMax Inc. is potentially one of the largest used car lots in the United States. There are almost 400,000 used cars for sale in total, considering all their dealership locations and over 600,000 automobiles units in total! The main headquarters of CarMax Inc. is in Richmond, VA, and there are over 100 more locations spread across the country. The company was established in 1993 as a subsidiary of Circuit City Stores and later became an entity on its own. Moreover, since all the used cars from CarMax are thoroughly checked and detailed before selling, you don’t need to worry about the car’s condition when you are buying from them.

Among all online retailers of used automobiles, Autonation is known to be one of the biggest retailers in the nation. The company also offers other services associated with owning and driving automobiles, such as selling insurance products, offering various maintenance or repair services for your vehicle, and extending the service contracts you may currently have. So far, the company has approximately over 170,000 used cars in its catalog. The total number of cars being retailed by AutoNation as of now, considering new and used cars, is almost 300,000. Their online services can also be used to buy cars from third-party sources with no association with AutoNation.