Types Of Headache

Causes And Types Of Headache

Perhaps it will sound festive, but about 80% of our planet's population suffers from this or that headaches. The causes of headaches are different and varied. Depending on the location and nature of the pain, it can be diagnosed and treated correctly. It is important to be vigilant if pains are frequent and regular.
The point is that one-time headache may be due to a number of external factors such as being in a closed area, hunger, stress, emotional and physical overload, exacerbation, accidental intoxication, overdose of several drugs, and sometimes headaches can be serious disease alarm.

The main types of headaches:

Tension headache is also called "the disease of responsible people." This is mainly the case of stress-prone people, those who work in the same position and that position is not so convenient. Tension headache does not have a clear location. gradually becoming stronger, it spreads throughout the head. Often a shorter rest is mitigated by the pain or is entirely infected.

Cluster pains are not difficult to diagnose. They are characterized by painful cramps in the eye. It takes 30-45 minutes. The cause of pain is usually caused by brain hemorrhage, and sometimes with arterial pressure. These are rarely seen pains, more common in men.

Often, the most common cause of headaches is the inflammatory process, spreading from the inflammatory hearth. For example, in the presence of blunt pain in the front of the frontal hole, one may think of lymphoid, especially if it is accompanied by a flu.

Pain can start from the ear ring. Characteristic is painful pain and its strengthening in horizontal position. May be dizziness and hearing loss. These symptoms suggest an average ear inflammation.

The pain that comes from the jaw also proves the presence of an inflammatory process. In that case, you should apply to the dentist. However, the inflammatory process should be treated with antibiotics, which should be prescribed by the physician.

The disease is sufficiently painful for migraines, such as Lev Tolstoy, Edgar Pon, Henrikh Henna, Guy de Mopassan, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud. Despite these figurative names, migraine is considered a feminine disease.

Most of them are ill at the age of 18-33. A number of doctors believe that there are people with specific inclination to the disease. The migraine was described by Hippocrates and Ibne Sinai. And despite the limitation of the data, it's still not justified.

In migraine, the pain is mainly in a hemisphere. Pain is painful, recurring, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, vigorous light and high noise.

Patients are most likely to have symptoms before they have been exposed to the onset of the scar. The patient may be bothered once a year or several times a day, but on average it meets three times a month.

The use of painkillers without the appointment of a physician seems to have become a habit and many say that headaches can not endure.
It is of great importance to the type of pain and individual tolerance. If pain is already chronic, it hinders the quality of life, and, of course, he needs treatment. If it is not repeated and does not interfere with everyday life, naturally, it is not necessary to drink anesthetizing tablets every time you head your head. However, you need to find the cause and treat it, as every time you just receive tablets you may have other problems, such as stomach ulcers. People describe differential headaches, from mild to severe headaches. In literature, "severe headaches" are described as extremely severe pains. In this case, patients are marked by a sense of "eye-opening", pain in a hemisphere of the head, tearing, nose closure, frequent and intense impact. At this time, neuronovascular changes (widening, narrowing) occur, and this type of headache is also considered seasonal migraine and aggravated in autumn and spring. People who suffer from these symptoms already know how to get rid of headaches and avoid using certain foods and actions that cause it. This problem requires a serious approach and complex treatment.

What is the cause of repeated headaches in menstrual cycle?

 If the headache is only during the cycle, it may be due to menstrual cycle disorders, peculiarities of the organism and hormonal changes. In this case, do not resort to a conventional physician, as there may be paralysis and abdominal pain, which is typical of this process. Usually in this case the anesthetist pills are helpful. However, there are migraine-type pains that many women are aggravated in the cycle. In this case, treatment is needed. Modern medicine allows preventive treatment, that is, not to eliminate the pain but to do so to prevent pain.

What complications can be caused by headaches when it is ignored or not diagnosed in time?

 Headaches are primary and secondary. If you are talking about primary headaches, this is a factor affecting the quality of life, as it is seen to be a decline in workforce, especially if it begins to be chronic. When speaking about the primary headaches, I also want to emphasize the migraine, which is characterized by severe pains and nausea. However, since these headaches are not the cause of other illness, they affect only the quality of life and do not cause any complications, but require treatment. Secondary headaches have their causes. These pains are the result of other illnesses. Most often, headaches, caused by pressure fluctuations (hypertonia, hypotension), headaches caused by kidneys, cardiovascular system, tuberculosis and many other diseases are encountered. It is important to examine and find the cause and not to miss the illness that causes headaches. Mainly, finding and curing the illnesses, headaches simply disappear.
-The reaction of the uranium to weather changes is expressed as a depressive condition and often causes headaches.
The lack of Vitamin D, frosty in the winter, when it's cold outside and warm inside, can also contribute to the occurrence of headaches, as the widening and narrowing of blood vessels contribute to pressure fluctuations and are manifested as strong migraines. Of course, weather conditions also affect mood, and mood disorders can also lead to nervous tension, anxiety, which usually causes tension, which is characterized by muscle tension, pressurized and overwhelming pain in the upper part of the head, head and forehead. Often anesthetics are unavailable here, and there is a need to treat it with marijuana, muscular relaxation medications.

What is the cause of long-term headaches caused by the computer?

Long-lasting work before the computer causes tension in the eye muscle, which can be the cause of eye fluctuations and, consequently, headache, and should often be investigated by the ophthalmologist.

When should you go to neuropathy?

If the pain is often repeated and disturbed, you should contact a neurologist. Patient complaints, type of pain, location, and nature help the neurologist to find out which type of headache describes the patient. Of course, in most cases we have a complex of several types of headaches and try to understand what dominates. All this is very subjective because we are based on the patient's speech. The causes of many illnesses are clear after performing instrumental and laboratory tests, and headaches are diagnosed by the patient's complaints.

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